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Southern Rail

The Contractor


Our Solution

Multi-purpose, 500 space Cycle Hub designed and built with access control technology linked to ‘The Key’ travel card for Southern Rail customers


Whilst the construction of the Cyclehub took 12 months, Cyclepods delivered, installed and commissioned the Two tier cycle racks and Access control within 3 months from order


Brighton Cycle Hub is Cyclepods’ biggest and possibly proudest achievement to date. With a huge 500 space storage facility, security lighting and state of the art entry and exit access technology all provided by us, it is a fantastic addition to Brighton station and the town’s cycling community.

Officially opened on 26th March 2015 by Baroness Kramer, this cycle hub will prove itself to be a priceless asset to the station with the building itself being a multi-use communal area! It’s a project we are very proud to have been involved in.

We developed the bike storage and access technology for the hub, all of which was designed to Southern Rail’s specific needs. The entire ground floor of the Cycle Hub full of Cyclepods’ Easylift+ Two-Tier storage. Our Two-Tier was the ideal product for this kind of project due to the need to be as space efficient as possible.

The bespoke entry and exit system Cyclepods created for this 500 space hub features a swipe card system linked to Southern Rail’s ‘The Key’ card. This one card provides access for commuters to the bike hub and doubles up as their travel card! Cyclepods designed the gate based on the exact needs for Brighton and the design can easily be adapted for use in any hub and in any location.

The gate has been constructed from marine grade steel to ensure its strength and resistance to chipping and denting. It has also been used for safety reasons, with it being a poor conductor for electricity & heat as well as non-magnetic. It has also been fitted with rubber sensors to prevent collisions whilst exiting and entering, so the gates won’t close on any bikes unexpectedly!
Other features at the hub include the Repair Station.

Each cycle space is numbered so visitors can leave their bike lock keys and space number at the repair station and have their bike serviced while they are out and about. The numbered spaces also mean that local businesses with no facilities available for bike parking can hire bike spaces in the hub for their employees to encourage sustainable travel.

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