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Cyclepods is all about bikes and cyclists. Our total focus is on helping cyclists feel more confident that their bikes are being held securely. So, whether you want to secure your bikes at home, work, school or rail station, Cyclepods will provide a solution to you.

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Cyclepods not only create products; we also design projects, often large and complex. We work with our clients on design, planning permission, and stakeholder engagement, and then we provide project management, preparatory ground works, and full installation.

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We specialise in products with Sold Secure Accreditation and work closely with Secured by Design, the only form of national police accreditation in the UK, to maintain our high standards in design and cycle security and to reduce cycle crime.


We have developed and produced state-of-the-art cycling infrastructure and technology such as cycle hubs, cycle counters, access control systems, bike detection, public bike pumps and repair stands and bike hire software.

Super Green

All of our ‘Pod’ range is made from 90‐100% recycled and recyclable MDPE plastic. We believe that the use of recycled materials should not compromise quality and that bike parking should encourage cycling and a healthier way of life.

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Cyclepods History

We began with the belief that one solution could not fit all, that different solutions were required for different purposes, and that professional design was critical. That belief has given birth to a whole range of products. Here are some of them.

Our Minipods and Scooterpods are designed for children, and to specifically help motivate cycling, and scooting, in the early years. More than 70,000 children now park their bikes and scooters in our products every day.

Our award-winning two-tier system, Easylift Premium, together with our Spacepod, offer huge improvements in space efficiency, while the Streetpod focusses on high security, and has been recommended by the UK Police Secured by Design programme. These strategic products are supported by a wide-range of other options, both innovative and traditional, designed to suit all budgets. And, of course, they are all available with a comprehensive range of shelters and canopies.

We, at Cyclepods, have been very conscious of the drive to return cycling as a viable form of transport. We are also aware that the pent-up enthusiasm among people to take to the road on bikes is being held back by road safety issues (the no.1 issue) and concerns about bike security and safety (the no.2 issue). While we at Cyclepods can’t do much about the first issue, our mission is to resolve the latter. Therefore we challenged our design team to come up with a range of cycling-focussed cycle hubs. However, their remit was not simply to create a compound or building which could accommodate bikes; the designs had to be cyclist-specific and cost effective.

We were aware that, unlike car parking, cycle parking cannot be profitable, so cost was a key factor. We now have a range of hubs, with unique facilities for cyclists; including specialist access control, CCTV, and LED lighting systems which are available at a very affordable budget. Service is key to this range of activity. Our design team offers a bespoke-design service, as well as being able to customise our range of modular options.

We provide planning, and stakeholder, support, and our installation team will handle full installation, often including preparatory groundworks as well. Although hubs are a fairly new concept, we have already installed 8 hubs for SWT as well as hubs at Heathrow Airport and Leyton Underground, and at railway stations at Brighton, Lewes, Horsham, Dorking, and Hove, with plenty more in progress.

So, whether you are looking for a better way to secure your family’s bikes at home, or you are an organisation needing a super-hub, and all points in-between, Cyclepods would like to hear from you and offer our services.

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