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The Leyton Super Hub was built as part of the Mini-Holland project under the London Borough of Waltham Forest Council.


The Leyton Super Hub was built as part of the Mini-Holland project under the London Borough of Waltham Forest Council.


The Leyton Super Hub was built as part of the Mini-Holland project under the London Borough of Waltham Forest Council. Waltham Forest were given £27million of funding by Transport for London to invest in making their streets more accessible and safe for all users.

The funding was used to create designated spaces for cycling, including cycle routes, segregated cycle paths and cycle hubs for secure storage across the borough, redesigned public areas and pedestrianised high streets, and removing unnecessary motor traffic on residential streets
“We want to make cycling an enjoyable, safe and easy way of getting around, not just for people who already cycle but for people who might be thinking about cycling but have reservations.

We want to use the scheme to increase cycling among residents. Getting more residents to jump on a bike will improve health and fitness levels, and reduce vehicle emissions to create a more pleasant environment for everyone. We recognise that people need to feel confident whilst cycling so in addition to making routes safer, we offer a range of activities to encourage people to jump on a bike and feel more confident about cycling.” – LB of Waltham Forest, Mini-Holland Scheme
Several Cycle Hubs were planned across the Borough, with the Cycle Hub at Leyton earmarked from the start of the project as being the flagship Hub.

Situated in one of the busiest commuting areas and central to Leyton town, the Hub needed to be a beacon of the Mini-Holland project, encapsulating the passion and commitment of Waltham Forest towards cycling.

Cyclepods submitted our two-storey design to Waltham Forest Council, ours was the only double level design and it opened the eyes of the Project Managers to the possibilities that could be achieved. Waltham Forest then decided that they would go bigger and better with the Leyton Hub, and decided to make it a project in it’s own right so it would make a bigger impact. Our proposed solution that provided more cycle parking spaces and maximised the use of the limited available space in an innovative and striking design.

Design & Inception

The design of the Leyton Super Hub was based on our ‘Lewes’ style Cycle Hub. We used the modern architecture in the surrounding area as an inspiration so that the Cycle Hub would complement the local urban environment. Originally the space contained an octagonal style shelter which held 20 cycle parking spaces. The space available was extremely tight and limited so carefully planning was necessary to ensure maximum cycle parking. 165 cycle parking spaces were planned in using a two-tier system – a 725% growth!

The structure of the hub is made from recyclable steel and the walls are toughened, laminated glass. Using transparent materials as cladding on the hub creates an illusion so that the Hub spears smaller than it’s physical dimensions suggest. As the contents of the Hub are well lit and visible from the outside, it also makes the Hub an open and inviting space in which users can feel safe and secure. The high-street location meant a larger Hub was necessary to accommodate the potential footfall from Leyton Tube Station, the neighbouring shopping complex as well as local cyclist traffic. The natural street levels worked in favour of a double level hub as access to the upper level can be achieved from the bridge across the A12 via. a specially designed cantilever ramp, and to the lower level from the street. Stairs with a cycle ramp were built from the lower level to the upper level. Due to the modular nature of our design, the lower level could be easily extended to provide more spaces or facilities if usage needs demand it. The whole building is low consuming in energy and the materials themselves are recyclable where possible to ensure the whole Hub is sustainable.

Building Process

This project was a full, turn-key solution from Cyclepods. We conceived the design for the Hub, architected the drawings and planning permission necessary, designed the bespoke cantilever ramp and structure, carried out groundworks and foundation, provided the facilities, storage and technology for the hub and contracted all peripheral aspects such as the electrics, security and site management. Cyclepods worked closely with Waltham Forest Council throughout the entirety of the project, all aspects of the design and build process required involvement from both parties to ensure that all available opportunities were taken advantage of. This close working relationship was particularly beneficial when unforeseen circumstances and delays led to minor setbacks in the construction process. No project is exempt from troubles but having clear communication meant obstacles and problems were easily overcome and served to provide more opportunities for consideration and improvements in delivering the Hub.

Over 80 tonnes of recyclable steel and 50 panes of toughened and laminated glass were used in the construction of Leyton Super Hub. Building such a large structure was a challenger in such a tight space. The Location is nestled between the A12 cutting, High Road Leyton (a main road with heavy traffic and pedestrians) and a residential street. This meant access to site was restricted and site logistics had to be timed meticulously to ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding streets and the public.

Cycle Hub Facilities

The Super Hub is fully-equipped with the most up-to-date, eco-friendly and user-friendly Cycle Hub facilities available and features state-of-the-art access control technology for maximum security. Cyclepods used LED lighting systems to ensure all areas of the Hub are well lit and inviting. These lights are run off low-voltage electricity and are triggered with PIR motion sensors which stay lit as long as movement within the hub is detected. This makes them energy-saving, long lasting and very low maintenance and the extruded aluminium casing makes them extremely tough and vandal-resistant. A CCTV system has also been included in the Hub, due to the very public location and the elevated levels of traffic expected through the Hub.

The storage provided is the Cyclepod’s Easylift two-tier system – one of the most user-friendly, gas-assisted two-tier systems available. Due to the low loading height of the Easylift, it takes minimal effort from users to wheel their bike into place without having to lift the whole weight of the bike. Once loaded, the gas-assist does the rest of the work – the upper arm lifts on its own and just needs to be pushed gently back into place. Each parking space has several secure locking hoops so bike wheels and frame can be locked for extra security. A Cyclepod XL Bike Pump & Fix-It Repair Stand are available on both floors to provide basic tools for bike maintenance and repair. The XL Pump is designed for heavy use and fits both Schrader & Presta valves. There is also a Help Point on both floors in case users ever need assistance.

Secured by Design & National Building Approval

The most unique feature of the Leyton Super Hub is that it is the only Secured by Design Cycle Hub to date, meaning the Hub meets the Police Preferred Specifications for security.

“Secured by Design is a crime prevention initiative operated by the Police Services of the United Kingdom. It combines proven environmental design principles with the use of physical security products to reduce the risk of crime. Independent academic research consistently demonstrates dramatic crime reduction benefits of up to 75%.’”

The Hub was awarded Secured by Design’s National Building Approval and has been equipped with the first Secured by Design automated door system which, combined with Cyclepod’s access control technology, makes the Leyton Hub is one of the safest places in the UK to store your bike! In addition, Cyclepods has joined Secured By Design’s National Building Approval scheme, which involves Secured By Design checking that the organisation’s suppliers meet police standards to help ensure robust quality of all Cyclepods’ installations wherever they are located.

Cycle theft is a real problem in London and across the country, and safe and secure cycle hubs are important to reduce this risk. They not only enable cyclists to store their bikes to keep them safe for when they return but also they assist police reduce crime.” – Guy Ferguson, Secured By Design Chief Executive Officer

Leyton Super Hub – In Partnership with Waltham Forest

This pioneering Cycle Hub design is the product of Cyclepods innovation and creativity meeting Waltham Forest Council’s forward-thinking ambition. Leyton Super Hub is now a beacon for Waltham Forest and a benchmark for further multi-level hubs in London. The hub will hopefully increase cycle use and rail use, due to its proximity to Leyton Tube Station, and will provide easier sustainable transport and commuting links. This Cycle Hub will become a communal tool in the day to day lives of Leyton residents and is an eminent example of Waltham Forest’s commitment to sustainable travel and healthy lifestyles.

If you want to use the Leyton Super Hub, you can sign up for a membership and access fob online. Membership costs £25 per person per year and is subject to an annual renewal fee 12 months from the start date. To sign up you will need to provide proof of address, a photo of yourself and the details of your bike, so have those ready before you begin! Visit – http://www.enjoywalthamforest.co.uk/cycle-sheds/ now to register

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