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Cyclepods Ltd. are partnering with BikeRegister – the UK’s largest cycle database!

Cyclepods Ltd. are partnering with BikeRegister – the UK’s largest cycle database!

Cyclepods Ltd. are partnering with BikeRegister – the UK’s largest cycle database! 960 720 Cyclepods Ltd

Cyclepods Ltd are proud to announce that we are partnering with BikeRegister, the UK’s largest cycle database!

We are combining forces with BikeRegister to shut down bike crime at locations where Cyclepods have installed bike storage.

With Cycling becoming an ever growing lifestyle choice all over the UK, an increase in bike storage facilities is in high demand. Unfortunately, however, an increase in bike storage means an increase in bikes stored which has led to a sharp rise in bike thefts. The statistics for bike crime are highest in stations and other commuting trails. Because of this, we are working with BikeRegister to introduce extra crime deterrents across our existing and future bike parking projects, starting with a focus on our Rail network installations.


So how does BikeRegister work?

 BikeRegister is a national cycle database whose key initiative is to protect cyclists against bike theft. By registering your bike for free with BikeRegister, you have access to a number of great benefits which all work towards making your bike less of a target to potential thieves.

Once you have registered, your details are held on the secure online database which Police forces across the UK have secure access to.  The details you can upload for free are;

  • Frame Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Colour
  • Owner’s contact details

Which means that if your bike is stolen, you can flag it as such on the Bike Register website and will have sufficient information to provide to the Police for them to keep a look out for your bike. It also helps in getting your bike returned to you once stolen! As this testimonial shows;

‘I was shocked to find my bike missing and honestly never thought I would see it again. After a couple of days, I reluctantly decided to try and replace it, so I started trawling through bikes posted on classified ad websites such as Gumtree. To my surprise, I spotted a picture of a bike that looked exactly like my own Giant bike and I arranged to meet the so-called ‘seller’. I contacted the Police and plain clothes officers from British Transport Police were present during this meeting and the ‘seller’ was arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods. I used the Logbook I was issued with when I registered on BikeRegister to prove to the Police that the frame number and CYC serial number on my bike matched the stolen one. I would advise all cycle owners to firstly get their bike marked using a BikeRegister marking kit and then secondly complete the simple task of registering their bike on the BikeRegister database. Without the quick and easy service that BikeRegister provided, I would not have been able to prove that the bike belonged to me and the thief would have been able to sell my bike to an unsuspecting third party. I am genuinely thrilled to be reunited with my bike and credit BikeRegister entirely with making that possible.’

Dan Spalding – BikeRegister Testimonials


Further steps to protecting your bike can then be taken by using BikeRegister. These include;

  • A QR Code Kit to identify your bike, including a durable QR Code label with your unique BikeRegister ID.
  • Permanent Marking Kit, to visibly mark the frame of your bike with your unique BikeRegister ID.
  • Component Marking Kit, to mark the individual components of your bike. Hundreds of microdots with your unique BikeRegister ID.
  • Options to upload up to 10 photos of your bike to the database, invaluable information when reporting your bike as stolen or looking to reclaim a stolen bike! – Police preferred ‘Secured By Design’ licence holder
  • UV Covert Marking, a permanent, covert BikeRegister ID mark which is made with a UV tracer in the marking compound. – Police preferred ‘Secured By Design’ licence holder


 Visit BikeRegister now to register your bike for free and take a look at the innovative ways to mark and protect your bike! – https://www.bikeregister.com/


What will Cyclepods do to combat public bike theft?

 Cyclepods have been working with National Rail networks since our inception in 2007 and have to date installed nearly 5,000 spaces across the UK Rail Network. From traditional stands to our ground-breaking Easylift+ solutions to our state-of-the-art Cycle Hubs, we supply to the demand. What’s more, at selected stations with existing Cyclepods storage, we are installing signage warning thieves that the bikes stored are protected by BikeRegister and also advertising free BikeRegister registration for cyclists who have not signed up!

Going forward, Cyclepods and Bike Register will be endeavouring to put these signs in all of Cyclepods upcoming Rail installations and any future Cycle Hub projects. And we will continue to work with BikeRegister and future contractors to provide anti-theft signage in all future public bike storage installations wherever possible. Look out for bike storage facilities with anti-theft signs storage in the following stations over the next few months;

South West Trains

  • Fleet Station
  • Brokenhurst Station
  • Oakhampton Parkway
  • Esher Station
  • Haselmere Station
  • Worcester Park

East Midlands Trains

  • Rutland Station
Greater Anglia

  • Colchester
  • Norwich
  • Ely

Southern Rail

  • Lewes Cycle Hub
  • Horsham Cycle Hub



We will also be installing storage and signs with the following organisations over the next few months;

  • Lewisham Council
  • Berkeley Homes
  • McClaren Construction
  • Barratt Homes
  • D Wilson Architects


So now you’ve marked and registered your bike, what else can you do to stop thieves? Keep it locked up safe WHEREVER you are.


 At Home: Cyclepods sell a wide variety of great home storage products for garden shed and garages, but if you don’t have any indoor storage space available on your bike we have you covered! Our Lockerpod+ was designed by us specifically for providing secure home storage. Holding up to 4 bikes per Lockerpod+, it features a MDPE body with 3-point locking system on the door and inner metal ‘rib’ for locking your bike to. In its basic form, the Lockerpod+ holds a ‘Sold Secure’ status of Bronze, but can be upgraded to Gold! The Gold status Lockerpod+ SS comes with a ground anchor that bolts through the bottom of the Lockerpod+ into a hard standing base. Your bike is then chained to the ground anchor, meaning that if thieves were to break into the Lockerpod+ they would still have to tackle with an anchored down bike!

Go to https://www.cycleracks.co/products/the-lockerpod/ on our sister site, Cycleracks.co, for more information on our Lockerpod+.


At Work: If you cycle the complete journey from Home to Work, does your workplace have adequate cycle storage? If not, perhaps see if you can apply to local sustainable travel initiatives or Councils for funding? At Cyclepods we stay connected to a variety of organisations such as Sustrans, Modeshift, TFL and Local Councils that all support the change to sustainable travel. If your workplace cannot spare the funds for cycle storage, then help can always be sought after in other avenues! Contact Cyclepods for more information or help contacting your local Sustainable Travel Team.


In Public: Keep your bike locked up in proper bike storage facilities. Unfortunately, we know that this isn’t always possible as not everywhere in the country has easily accessible or public storage facilities! But where it is possible it will provide a much more secure environment than benches, lampposts or pipes (not to mention the fact it will be out of the way of pedestrians who could knock into your bike, damage or fall over it). The availability for public bike storage is growing, take it from us! We have installed bike storage in thousands of locations across the UK including, school, hospitals, councils, businesses, high streets and rail. In total around 60,000 bikes are parked in our products across the UK daily. It would always be worth travelling that little bit further to lock your bike in proper bike storage, and making sure it will be there when you return.

Take a look at our Streetpods in the product section – http://cyclepods.co.uk/products/streetpods/ – for more information on secure bike storage.


Out and About: BikeRegister also sell a wide range of bike locks that hold ‘Sold Secure’ Security status of Bronze or higher.  Remember: It is widely recommended to spend at least 10% of the cost of your bike on a bike lock. There is no point splashing out on a £2,000 bike and only buying a £10 lock!

 To view BikeRegister’s range of locks visit https://www.bikeregister.com/shop/locks.

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