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TFL Cycling Workplaces Scheme

TFL Cycling Workplaces Scheme

TFL Cycling Workplaces Scheme 700 350 Cyclepods Ltd

Any organisation in London with 5 or more employees can now apply for free cycle storage and workshops through the TFL Cycling Workplaces Scheme.
Through the scheme, Cyclepods is one of the suppliers of a range of cycle storage solutions including stands, racks, shelters, compounds and even two-tier storage systems! The scheme is available to any organisation in London that has established cycling commuters or is looking to promote cycling amongst its employees.

You are eligible if your workplace:

Is located within London
Has a minimum of 5 employees on site and
Has no outstanding obligations relating to cycle parking under development control regulations.

If you are interested in getting some free bike storage or arranging a cycling workshop, visit the TFL Cycling Workplaces website here to apply – tfl.gov.uk/CyclingWorkplaces and use code CPODS1

The application is straightforward and TFL will send you a staff travel survey for employees to complete – it takes less than 5 minutes. The process is very quick and a business can apply and start receiving TFL credits within a week!

Why take part?

By encouraging your employees to cycle more, you can:

Save money – If your employees cycle to and from business meetings, your organisation could save money on taxi fares, car pool costs and petrol expenses
Have happier, healthier employees – Studies show that employee turnover can be reduced by up to 13 per cent following the introduction of a cycling scheme in the workplace. Research suggests that employees who walk or cycle to or for work have reduced absenteeism, with active employees taking 25 per cent fewer sick days
Help improve your local environment – With more employees cycling you can substantially reduce your organisation’s carbon emissions, help reduce congestion and improve the air quality in the area

Your employees can:

Save money – Commuting by bike can reduce travel costs
Look after their health – Cycling helps reduce weight, high blood pressure, the risk of heart disease and the most common form of diabetes
Be happier – Cycling gives an active start to the day and can lift your employees’ mood

Taking part in Cycling Workplaces and promoting cycling can link to your corporate social responsibility policy, environmental policy and even your staff benefits policy.

The credits your organisation will receive are based on factors such as number of employees and between 250 and 10,000 funding credits are available per business site. These credits can then be used in the online shop here – www.tfl.gov.uk/cyclingworkplaces – to buy cycle storage and a range of services to support your employees.

If you are applying for cycle storage, Cyclepods can offer to conduct site visits and help you plan your site free of charge. As TfL only provide the storage solutions and not fitting, contact us if you wish to arrange installation.

Application is completely free so apply today and see what TFL can provide for you!

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Company Number 5790931 | VAT Number 892 581876 | Registered in England
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    Are you a Hospital, School, University or Local Authority?

    Cyclepods are an approved supplier for the NHS Shared Business Services Framework which gives discounts on your cycle storage and cuts out tendering processes for the above and all other UK based public sector organisations!

    To find out more & sign up to the service for free, visit the NHS Shared Business Service website - https://www.sbs.nhs.uk/fas-cycle-parking-infrastructure or contact us info@cyclepods.co.uk.