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The Client

Broadgate Estates

The Contractor


Our Solution

Need for bike storage across several locations with varying site issues.


On going projects over the last 3 years.


More London – More London were looking to provide more cycle storage on the estate to help with the expected increase in cycling due to the closure of London Bridge as part of the London Bridge Development.

We worked with More London and Southwark Planning department to identify a suitable area and plan a layout that would keep pedestrian disruption to an absolute minimum as the area is used as a walkway, whilst maximising the amount of cycle parking spaces. We have increased the cycle parking on the estate by 72 spaces using 36 stainless steel Sheffield stands, in keeping with the current facilities.

Canary Wharf – At 30 North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, we had a two phase project to increase the basement bike storage facilities. Due to increasing numbers of cycling commuters, the existing bike storage, in the form of traditional Sheffield stands, was falling short of demand. To combat this we installed a total 181 Semi-Vertical Bike Racks in the first phase and removing the existing storage.

The second phase was to install 120 bike spaces using our Easylift Two-Tier system. In total 301 new bike spaces were added to the site using more secure storage but also saving on floor space due to the space-saving design of both products, an important element to consider when tackling restricted sites and the reason both products were chosen.

Corn Exchange – The Corn Exchange, London, was a site in need of a total re-design to maximise bike storage in a very limited basement space. We provided a plan using our Easy-Lift Two Tier system which would provide 36 new bike spaces, doubling the previous capacity for bike storage. We installed the Two-tier and even managed to relocate the existing bike racks which meant a total of 46 Bike Spaces are now available and in a much more accessible and space efficient design.

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Company Number 5790931 | VAT Number 892 581876 | Registered in England
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Payments Accepted

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